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Disease Prevention for Family Pets

Vaccinations & Preventive Care

Cat being vaccinated

Vaccinations are a simple and easy way to protect your pet. Combined with a comprehensive parasite control regime, they can prevent your pet from disease and other medical conditions. As with other components of your pet’s overall health, vaccination needs can vary depending on your pet’s age, surroundings, and lifestyle. Your veterinarian will help you develop a vaccination protocol that will meet the needs of your pet, from the puppy and kitten years right into the senior golden years.

Puppy and Kitten Vaccination Schedule

During your pet’s initial visit with Redstone Veterinary Hospital, your veterinarian will work with you on developing a vaccination schedule. Puppies and kittens will require an initial set of vaccinations, and then one or two sets of boosters in the coming weeks. Our friendly staff is pleased to assist you with this process by sending reminder postcards when boosters are due.

Wellness Plans

Our Wellness Plans are developed to assist you in meeting your pet’s health care needs, including vaccinations, with low monthly payments and discounts on products and services. Our veterinarians can assist you in selecting which one will best meet your family’s needs.

Pharmacy and Store

Visit our store for many of the medications, supplements, parasite preventives, and veterinary diets that our veterinarians recommend to help keep your pets healthy and happy.