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Traditional Surgical Procedures for Columbus Area Pets

Veterinary Surgery

Dog in surgery

When surgery is required, you want only the best for your loved one. Redstone Veterinary Hospital provides in-house orthopedic and soft tissues surgical services to our patients. From routine planned procedure to unexpected emergencies, our caring staff will be there to provide the highest quality care to your pet.

Laser vs. Traditional Surgery

We view our patients as family members and take our responsibility as your animal health care provider seriously. With so much talk about laser surgery, it’s natural to be curious about its use. While there are lots of sites promoting the benefits, there have been very few scientific studies, especially blind studies to provide data regarding the benefits of laser surgery. After careful and thoughtful research, the following cons of laser surgery far outweighed the pros in our eyes.

  • Laser surgery seals so there is less bleeding, but without bleeding things don’t heal.
  • It is painful when the nerve endings are cauterized.
  • Lasers duplicate healthy cells to promote healing; however, infected cells can also be duplicated.
  • Increased costs.

Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

The increase of abused, neglected, and abandoned pets each year is a concern for all animal lovers. Spaying (for females) and neutering (for males) your pets helps control the pet population while decreasing negative behaviors such as urinating inside, straying, and aggressive play. In addition, spaying and neutering your pets greatly reduces their chances of developing mammary and prostate cancers.

Dental Cleanings

Pets need to have their teeth cleaned annually in order to keep their smile bright and their bodies healthy. Tartar buildup and gum disease are not only painful, but also can lead to serious medical conditions if not properly treated. In order to properly clean their teeth, general anesthetic is required. An annual cleaning along with an at-home dental routine will help preserve your pet’s teeth for years to come.

Pre-Anesthetic Exam and Blood Work

Redstone Veterinary Hospital wants to make your pet as comfortable as possible before, during, and after any surgical procedure. A pre-anesthetic exam and blood work not only ensures your pet is healthy enough for his or her procedure, but also allows us to create an anesthesia and pain management protocol specifically to meet your petvs needs.

Our Pet Wellness Plans provide discounts on services and products, with platinum level providing for one routine surgical procedure (spay, neuter, or dental cleaning) annually. Whether planned or an emergency, Redstone Veterinary Hospital provides high quality service in a safe and comfortable environment.